Lighting Specifications

Avolites Pearl Expert Lighting Board
6 x Chauvet – Slim Par Pros H USB
11 x Chauvet – Ovation F/95WW
12 x Chauvet – EVE/E/1002
8 x LED Batons – Q Color LE DJ 18×80
4 x Chauvet – Roges (Washes) R 1 Wash
4 x Chauvet – Spots (Intimidators) 375 IRC
4 x Starbille LED Fogger AF180
6 x Starville Showbar TRi 18 x 3 Watt
4 x Source Four 25-50 zoom (500W)
6 x Acclaim Fresnels (650W)
8 x Cantata Profiles (1000W)
4 x Cantata Fresnels (1000W)
4 x Iris Floods (1200W)

Selection of 15 AMP Extension Cables Available
Please Note: We are a 13/15 AMP Building

Stage to Desk 

Camms systems (3pcs)
2 x DMX Lines

Sound Specifications

2 x DB Technologies Sub 18D Bins
2 x DB Technologies F315 Tops
2 x DB Technologies F18 Tops (Fills)
2 x DB Technologies FM12 Monitors
Allen & Heath GLD-80 (Theatre 1)
Yamaha LS9 16 Channel Console (Theatre 3)
1x CD Player
1x Mini Disc Player
Selection of Cables available to connect Laptops/ iPods

Stage Specifications

Cyc Wall to Front of Stage: 21ft
Cyc Wall to Front Curtain: 17ft
Cyc Wall Dimensions: 32ft wide x 14ft high
Front of Curtain Apron: 24ft x 4ft
Stage Right Wing: 7ft x 13ft
Stage Left Wing: 4ft x 6ft
Stage Right Entrance Door: 4ft 10″ x 6ft 8″ wide
Stage Measurements Height of Stage from Floor Level: 4ft / 122cm

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