“The Field” by John B Keane

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“The Field” by John B Keane

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Sunday 6th March will see the Grange Players bring “The Field” by John B. Keane to the Abbey Arts Centre.

This classic play tells the story of the Irish farmer The Bull McCabe’s fight to keep his land.

Rugged individualist Bull McCabe has spent five hard years of labour cultivating a small plot of rented land, nurturing it from barren rock into a fertile field. When the owner of the field decides to auction it, He believes that he has a claim to the land. The McCabes intimidate most of the townspeople out of bidding in the auction, to the chagrin of auctioneer Mick Flanagan, but Galwayman William Dee arrives from England, where he has lived for many years, with a plan to cover the field with concrete and extract gravel from the adjacent river.

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