Lighting Specifications

 Avolites Pearl Expert lighting board

6 x Chauvet – Slim Par Pros H USB

11 x Chauvet – Ovation F/95WW

12 x Chauvet – EVE/E/1002

8 x LED Batons – Q Color LE DJ 18×80

4 x Chauvet – Roges (washes) R 1 Wash

4 x Chauvet – Spots (Intimidators) 375IRC

4 x Starbille LED Fogger AF180

6 x Starville Showbar TRi 18 x 3 Watt

4 x Source Four 25 – 50 zoom (500W)

 6 x Acctain Fresnels (650W)

 8 x Cantata Profiles (1000W)

 4 x Cantata Fresnels (1000W)

 4 x Iris Floods (1200W)

 Selection of 15AMP Extension Cables Available

 •Please note we are a 13/15AMP Building.

Stage to Desk

Camms systems (3pcs)

2 x Dmx Lines

 Sound Specifications


2x  DB Technologies Sub 18D Bins

2x  DB Technologies F315 Tops

2x  DB Technologies F18 Tops (Fills)

2x  DB Technologies FM12 Monitors

Yamaha LS9 16Ch Console

 1x CD Player

 1x Mini Disc Player

 Selection of Cables Available to connect Laptops/ ipods

 Stage Specifications

 Cyc Wall to Front of Stage    21 Ft

 Cyc Wall to Front Curtain     17 Ft

 Cyc Wall dimensions 32 Ft Wide by 14 Ft High

 Front of Curtain Apron 24 Ft by 4 Ft

 Stage Right Wing 7 Ft by 13 Ft

 Stage Left Wing    4 Ft by 6 Ft

 Stage Right Entrance Door 4Ft 10 Inches by 6Ft 8 inches Wide

Stage Measurements Height of Stage from floor level 4 foot/122 centimetres

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