Donegal Drama Circle Presents ”Its what we do” 3rd Oct @8pm

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Donegal Drama Circle Presents ”Its what we do” 3rd Oct @8pm

As part of Bluestack Festival Donegal Drama Circle Presents Two One act plays on Wednesday October 3 @ 8pm Admission €10

It’s What We Do By Pamela Nice. Directed by Amanda Crawford. Bitterenders By Hannah Khalil. Directed by Amanda Crawford.

It’s What We Do is a drama adapted from the testimonies of former Israeli army soldiers, their memories of tours of duty in the Palestinian territories. They gave these testimonies to the Israeli NGO (Non Governmental Agency), Breaking The Silence. They tell us of a reality they can no longer keep to themselves.

With Conor Fiery, Oisín Joyce, Conor Breslin, Amanda Crawford, Christian Carbin, Ryan Doherty, Eileen McGonigle, Martin Callaghan and Faye Gallagher.
With the kind permission of Breaking The Silence. Breaking The Silence is an organization of veteran combatants who have served in the Israeli military since September 2000 and who have taken it upon themselves to inform the Israeli public of the reality of everyday life in the so called, ‘Occupied Territories.’ Pamela Nice is a Washington based documentary filmmaker, theatre director and playwright. Much of her work is focused on promoting an understanding among her fellow Americans of the complexities of the Arab world.
Bitterenders is a one-act play about a Palestinian family in Jerusalem who find themselves having to share their home with a group of Israeli settlers. Through powerful reminiscence, Selma the mother and Sitti the grandmother, tell us their story, the story of Palestine over seventy years since the year of the Nakba, the so-called ‘catastrophe’ of 1948.
This presentation by Donegal Drama Circle is Bitterenders’ first ever, full length production. With Ciara Boyle, Margaret Timoney, Seamus McHugh and Rachel Reid.
Hannah Khalil is an Irish-Palestinian playwright who grew up in Dubai and the UK, but spent many long, happy summers with her mother’s family in Kilkenny. Her most recent work has included Scenes From 68 Years (2016) and The Scar Test (2017), based on the stories of migrant women held at the controversial Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre, in Bedfordshire, England

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