Ballyshannon Drama present ”A FUNNY KIND OF DAY” 23rd -25th & 27th May

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Ballyshannon Drama present ”A FUNNY KIND OF DAY” 23rd -25th & 27th May

Ballyshannon Drama present ”A FUNNY KIND OF DAY” opening night 23rd May

Box office is now open. Please call 071 98 51375 or call into Abbey Arts Centre

Business isn’t exactly booming at a small independent newspaper office situated in an old village cottage, so a quick change of direction is needed.

Fortunately the family housekeeper , a small but fiery Spanish Senorita, thinks she has the ideal solution – Start a B&B and take in paying guests ! This seems to be the way forward ,but neither of them foresee the hectic and hilarious consequences that are imminently on the horizon.

The arrival of a rather annoying and extrovert hippy hiker is quickly followed by a progression of other weird and wonderful guests – A wealthy but dim son of a rich landowner, a rather sexy but dizzy blonde searching for a lost love and an over the top Yankee millionaire who bears a strange resemblance to a leading American politician!

The plot thickens when an Avon lady calls, followed by a hopelessly unqualified nurse, a very unwilling gardener and a weird teller of fortunes.

The question is where will they all stay, in the potting shed perhaps or maybe the dilapidated Gypsy caravan? What of the terrifying wild jungle beasts roaring and roaming in the surrounding Safari Park at night?

All this can only spell both disaster and laughter in equal measures to the poor couple, but guarantee the watching public a memorable night of entertainment in this hilarious farce

One not to be missed!


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