An Grianan Theatre Presents ‘The Experience of Being’

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An Grianan Theatre Presents ‘The Experience of Being’

An Grianán Theatre presents ”The Experience of Being” Thursday 16th May  Written and performed by Carol Moore

“I’m Carol Moore and for 40 years I have been working in the creative industries in the north. One day I suddenly found myself at 60 and didn’t want to be. It didn’t feel like me, but increasingly it was how I was perceived. My one-woman play The Experience of Being came pouring out. How I felt about being a woman of age, my perception of dwindling power, my growing invisibility and my need to embrace it.

“But the fact is we are all ageing, it is coming and we can’t escape it. By 2027 the numbers of over 65s will jump by 44% and there will be twice as many people living beyond the age of 85. Outside of the obvious health concerns we could well be facing social isolation. I know because people at my workshops have told me. If they don’t go out they feel isolated in their own homes and even when they do, they return to a silent house.”

“For the last year I have been developing the piece with two associate artists. I am not a physical actor, but I realised the piece should challenge age stereotypes at every level of performance including physicality. Working with choreographer, Oona Doherty, it is my intention to challenge my body and take risks in this production as a ‘woman of age’.

“Secondly, I want a live score to reflect the emotional/psychological landscape of the central character particularly around the theme of power or lack of it. Composer, Conor Mitchell, has been developing with me the basic building blocks of sound for the production with a view to commissioning a full score for one instrument.

“For the purposes of this reading Conor will improvise across the text.

“The development of The Experience of Being gratefully acknowledges support from the Mac Theatre, Belfast and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.”

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